Islands around Britain…

There are hundreds of islands dotted round Britain, they are not so much the ‘other’ but ‘another’ – another version of Britain that runs in parallel, but out of sync with the mainland. Although they are many miles apart they have a lot in common. Monasteries, hermits, Vikings, smugglers, shipwrecks, lighthouses, pirates and seabirds are all regulars features in island stories.

Being away from the hubbub of urban life also gives them a unique atmosphere. Without the noise of traffic you can hear birdsong more easily. Not being surrounded by buildings means you can see the sky, and without street lights it comes alive with stars each night. On islands without cars you have to walk everywhere and have more time to experience your immediate environment : the grass on which you walk, the sun an rain on your back. You are literally more in touch with nature and the elements.

extrait de l’Introduction : Lundy, Rockwall, Dogger, Fair Isle. A celebration of the islands around Britain, by Mathew Clayton & Anthony Atkinson.



  • Another
  • Monasteries, Vikings and seabirds
  • Birdsong
  • You can see the sky
  • With stars each night
  • The grass on which you walk
  • The sun and rain on your back
  • With nature and the elements